Welders, save those expensive gloves!
The Gauntlet ® USE IT NOW!

The Gauntlet ®, which is a shield, is worn over the protruding gloved hand. It provides a 1-inch barrier above your glove that protects your skin from burns and excessive heat transfer.

The Gauntlet ® aluminum shield provides protection to your hands by deflecting welding slag, molten steel, and hot embers. The Gauntlet ® will outlive the competition 50:1 by providing months of safety without failing from the exposure to heat, slag, and radiant temperature effects.

The Gauntlet ® weighs less than 10 oz. with stainless steel flexible springs. The rectangular shape and ridges help guide your welding holder in horizontal or uphill positions and can be worn on either hand.

While wearing the Gauntlet ® the welder can better concentrate on controlling weld pool movement, bead width, and penetration. Another unique feature of the Gauntlet ® is the ability of the shield to slide forward and backward for added protection to the welder's hands. This provides more safety from the exposure of harmful heat remittance and ultraviolet light.


Safety starts with using the first three P's of Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Proper--Ask yourself, "What type of protection do I need?" All welders need proper welding gear covering all exposed areas; hands need even more protection. The Gauntlet ® is your best protection available against the arc flashes of heat and radiant transfer of hot arc blows from molten slag.

Preparation--Start by preparing yourself by choosing the right protection. Safety apparel, such as the Gauntlet ®, help protect against the dangers involved in welding. Mig, Tig, and Stick-the three major types of welding all give off heat, which can cause burns. Ultraviolet light, infrared light, and many types of electrical flashes may cause damage to the skin, so be prepared with the protection you need. The Gauntlet ® --USE IT NOW!

Prevention--Radiant heats from being too close to the weld seam, or any heat has an effect on the user's welding hand and each welder is affected by different degrees of temperature. If your hand becomes too hot in your glove, you may want to pull back from the weld. How can you prevent this from happening? By protecting the skin, the welder won't rush a weld. The Gauntlet ® keeps the heat off your glove, which in turn provides protection, preventing burns from too much heat.